The Throw Bag

The Throw bag slightly compresses down cushions of your hoodie in order to allow for more room in your suitcase or day pack

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Temperature Regulation – The polyester/spandex jersey knit we use is extremely breathable and stretchy, allowing your body to breathe in warmer airplane environments. The front of the SLOODIE is an even more breathable mesh fabric.

Moisture Wicking – After testing over 10 different qualifying fabrics, we chose a polyester/spandex jersey knit that wicked moisture most effectively and dried the fastest

UV Protection – You get 50 + UV Protection with our SLOODIE’s main body fabric

Great Stretch – Our Jersey Knit makes for a soft feel and amazing stretch. As a compression blanket you definitely want your SLOODIE to stretch as you initially move to find the most comfortable resting position before the longgg sleep

Snooze Inducing – Our SLOODIES just seem to have that affect

Adaptable to the way you sleep – The Sleep Hoodie was designed with adaptability in mind because everyone sleeps differently. Which is why the hood can easily be tucked out of sight out of mind when not in use, the cushions can be loose or tight around the neck, the arm rests can be used or they can be knotted and tucked up into the neck region. This cozy product was made to adapt because sleeping upright can be difficult.

Grade 4 Abrasion and Pilling Resistance – Our main body fabric makes up roughly 70% of the Sloodie has been given a high abrasion and pilling resistance, which is important for a travel accessory that is always with you. A 5 on the grading scale represents no pilling, so our fabric is up there !

Antimicrobial Fabric – In today’s era, antimicrobial textiles are very helpful in hospitals, and places that are prone to microbes, which would include airports and airplanes which have a very close proximity of a large number of people.

Designed in Colorado & tested through Denver’s Airport – The SLOODIE was not dreamed up overnight. It takes work to create something brand new in a travel accessory industry that has not really innovated well in the past 30 years. We deserved something better as travelers trying to achieve deep rest, and so here it is.

  • Wash on cold + delicates
  • Air Dry – avoid dryer machine as it may aggravate foam
  • No detergent pods (can stain delicates)
  • No bleach and no ironing
  • No fabric softener (causes discoloration)
  • Let foam breath when stored for long periods of time
  • Do not compress foam during long storage – hanging on clothes hanger is easy option

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Lightweight & Cooling



Designed in Denver

A Travel Sleep Hoodie that revolutionizes the traditional neck pillow with innovative design.

Founder Story

Like most of us, our Founder loves to travel, but always disliked how cramped your individual space can be on planes. He decided we needed something better. An easily packable sleep accessory that gives us more control over our surroundings.

The SLOODIE has a patent

We are now fully patent pending for the unique design of the Travel SLOODIE. Thanks to the advice of some of our devoted fans. There are no other travel pillows or travel hoodies like it on the market today and we like it that way. We also have an active trademark license for the word ‘SLOODIE’ so feel free to help us out and let us know via email if you see another company using it illegally. Would be greatly appreciated !

Take Your Throw Bag Everywhere

This should have been the first thing we designed. Finally a durable and breathable mesh throw bag with a strong diamond paracord cinching mechanism that keeps your SLOODIE protected on the road, in the hotel room, or on the flight. Most travel accessories have cheap plastic throw bags, yet again … we wanted to be different.

Travel + Sleep + Hoodie

Once you try our Sloodies you will likely want one anytime you. are on a long flight, cross town bus commute, or backseat car trip